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A Senior German Diplomat Is in Iran Trying to Convince Tehran to Stick to the Nuclear Deal

(BERLIN) — A senior German diplomat headed Thursday to Tehran to press Iran to continue to respect the landmark nuclear deal, despite the unilateral withdrawal of the U.S. and increasing pressure from Washington.

Tensions have soared in the Mideast recently as the White House earlier this month sent an aircraft carrier and B-52 bombers to the region over a still-unexplained threat it perceived from Iran.

In Berlin, the Foreign Ministry said Political Director Jens Ploetner was to hold talks with Iran’s Deputy Foreign Minister Abbas Araghchi on Thursday to try salvage the nuclear deal signed in 2015 in Vienna. The accord has steadily unraveled since the Trump administration pulled America out of the deal, re-imposed and escalated U.S. sanctions on Tehran last year.

The German envoy’s visit also follows Iran’s declaration earlier this month that the remaining signatories to the deal — Germany, France, Britain, China and Russia — have two months to develop a plan to shield Iran from Am..

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Botswana Just Lifted Its Ban on Elephant Hunting

(JOHANNESBURG) — Botswana has lifted its ban on elephant hunting in a country with the world’s highest number of the animals, a decision that has brought anger from some wildlife protection groups and warnings of a blow to lucrative tourism.

The southern African nation is home to an estimated 130,000 elephants. The lifting of the ban raised concerns about a possible increase in illegal poaching of elephants for their tusks to supply the ivory trade.

“Expect mass culling next,” the CEO of WildlifeDirect, Paula Kahumbu, said in a post on Twitter, adding that the impact of Botswana’s decision will be felt across Africa.

Botswana has long been a refuge for elephants on a continent where tens of thousands have been killed over the years for their ivory, and the animals long have been a tourist draw. Some had warned of tourism boycotts if the ban was lifted, and even American talk-show host Ellen DeGeneres joined the protest.

“President Masisi, for every person who wants to kill elephant..

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Marriage Equality Comes to Taiwan in a Historic First for Asia

Tens of thousands of celebrators gathered outside Taiwan’s parliament on May 17, waving rainbow flags as the island’s government became the first in Asia to legalize same-sex marriage. The move comes at a moment of change for LGBTQ rights in Asia: even as nations like India–whose Supreme Court decriminalized homosexuality in 2018–have expanded rights, others including Malaysia, Indonesia and Brunei have cracked down. Advocates in the region now hope Taiwan’s example can help tip the scales toward inclusion.

While strongly supported by President Tsai Ing-wen, marriage equality provoked strong opposition from conservative and religious groups in Taiwan. Conservative lawmakers had tabled two rival bills proposing same-sex unions, but the government’s own legislation–the bill that passed–includes the word marriage and grants same-sex couples many of the same rights as heterosexual couples. About 200 same-sex couples were reportedly planning a mass marriage registration in Taipei on May 24..

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Nearly 500 Children Have Been Infected With HIV in a Single Pakistani City. Here’s What to Know

Nearly 500 children in a single Pakistani city have tested positive for HIV, in an outbreak that has led to the arrest of at least one doctor and highlighted gross inadequacies in the local health care system.

As of mid-May, 410 children and 100 adults in Larkana, a city in Pakistan’s Sindh province, had tested positive for HIV, the Associated Press reported. Those numbers have since climbed to 494 children and 113 adults, according to NPR.

How did more than 600 people in one area become infected with HIV? Here’s what to know.

When did the outbreak start?
According to reports from NPR and the AP, parents in April began to notice lasting fevers in their children and took them to a nearby medical center for testing. By around April 24, 15 children ages 2 to 8 had tested positive for HIV, according to an op-ed written by Larkana Deputy Commissioner Muhammad Nauman Siddique. “Recognising the seriousness of this issue,” local officials shortly thereafter set up a “healthcare camp” where ..

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Judith Kerr, Author of The Tiger Who Came to Tea, Dies at 95

(LONDON) — Judith Kerr, author and illustrator of the bestselling “The Tiger Who Came to Tea” and other beloved children’s books, has died at the age of 95.

HarperCollins chief executive Charlie Redmayne announced her death Thursday. The publisher said she died at her home on Wednesday after a brief illness.

Kerr “was a brilliantly talented artist and storyteller who has left us an extraordinary body of work,” he said.

The beguiling story of the tea-drinking tiger has been shared by parents with young children since it was first published in 1968 and has never been out of print. It has sold more than 5 million copies.

The book, with its memorable illustrations and simple surprises, conveys a sense of wonder and possibility that generations of children embraced.

Her next book introduced Mog the cat, who starred in some 15 books and developed a large following until “Goodbye Mog” was published in 2002.

The popular feline was brought back in 2015 for “Mog’s Christmas Calamity,” whic..

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Pentagon Will Present Plan to Send Thousands More Troops to Middle East, Officials Say

(WASHINGTON) — The Pentagon on Thursday will present plans to the White House to send up to 10,000 more troops to the Middle East, in a move to beef up defenses against potential Iranian threats, U.S. officials said.

The officials said no final decision has been made yet, and it’s not clear if the White House would approve sending all or just some of the requested forces. Officials said the move is not in response to any new threat from Iran, but is aimed at reinforcing security in the region. They said the troops would be defensive forces, and the discussions include additional Patriot missile batteries, more ships and increased efforts to monitor Iran.

The officials spoke on condition of anonymity because the plans have not been formally announced.

Thursday morning’s meeting comes as tensions with Iran continue to simmer, and it wasn’t clear if a decision would be made during the session. Any move to deploy more forces to the Middle East would signal a shift for President Donald T..

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Early Results From India’s Elections Point to a Modi Victory. Here’s What to Know

After an elaborate seven-phase election set over five-and-a-half weeks, India’s marathon polls finally came to a close on Sunday. Counting to determine the winner in the world’s largest democratic election began at 8 a.m. local time on Thursday morning, with the official results rolling out late Thursday or early Friday morning.

The election is seen as a referendum on incumbent Prime Minister Narendra Modi and his Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), which swept to victory in a populist wave in 2014, taking 282 of the 543 seats in Parliament and pushing out the opposition Congress party, which ruled India for 54 of its 67 years since independence.

Modi, who is the son of a tea seller, was seen by many as the answer to a political dynasty that had gripped power. His bid for re-election will be heavily influenced by concerns about the economy, security and sectarianism.

What do the polls say?
As of a little after 10 a.m. local time on Thursday, the Election Commission shows Modi’s BJP party ..

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A Danish Law Aimed at Child Brides Could Force the Prime Minister’s Son’s Girlfriend to Leave the Country

The son of Danish Prime Minister Lars Lokke Rasmussen has been tripped up by the country’s strict immigration laws, which will force his Harvard-educated American girlfriend to leave Denmark by the end of this month.

The development thrusts immigration policy into the spotlight as Danes prepare to vote in national elections on June 5. Rasmussen, 55, leads a center-right minority coalition that rules with the support of the anti-immigration Danish People’s Party. Last week, he stunned the country’s political establishment by announcing he would rather abandon some of his traditional supporters on the far right than let their “extreme opinions” influence his politics.

In a debate broadcast by TV2 on Sunday evening, Rasmussen said that his 29-year-old son, Bergur, is being forced to split temporarily with his girlfriend, because she’s too young to seek residence under Danish immigration laws.

The young woman, whose name and precise age weren’t revealed, is under 24 and therefore not el..

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John Walker Lindh, Man Dubbed ‘American Taliban,’ Set to Be Released After 17 Years

(ALEXANDRIA, Va.) — John Walker Lindh, the young Californian who became known as the American Taliban after he was captured by U.S. forces in the invasion of Afghanistan in late 2001, is set to go free after nearly two decades in prison.

But conditions imposed recently on Lindh’s release, slated for Thursday, make clear that authorities remain concerned about the threat he could pose once free.

Lindh converted to Islam as a teenager after seeing the film “Malcolm X” and went overseas to study Arabic and the Quran. In November 2000, he went to Pakistan and from there made his way to Afghanistan. He joined the Taliban, and was with them on Sept. 11, 2001, when al-Qaida terrorists attacked the World Trade Center and the Pentagon.

The U.S. attacked Afghanistan after the country failed to turn over al-Qaida leader Osama bin Laden. Lindh was captured in a battle with Northern Alliance fighters in late 2001. He was present when a group of Taliban prisoners launched an attack that killed Jo..

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Senior U.K. Cabinet Member Resigns in Latest Brexit Blow for Theresa May

(LONDON) — A senior member of Prime Minister Theresa May’s Cabinet has quit over Brexit, in a new blow to the embattled British leader.

Leader of the House of Commons Andrea Leadsom says she is resigning because she does not believe May’s Brexit plan delivers on voters’ decision to leave the European Union.

May is battling to stay in office amid demands she resign over Britain’s stalled departure from the bloc.

Leadsom has been a strong pro-Brexit force in the government.

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Hungary’s Far-Right Government Has Been Getting a Boost from President Trump Ahead of E.U. Elections

For months, the European Union’s leaders have waged a fierce battle against Hungary’s Prime Minister Viktor Orbán. They have accused him of targeting minorities and opposition media, and threatened to withdraw Hungary’s voting rights in the E.U. Parliament, and to eject permanently members of Orbán’s far-right Fidesz party from the biggest political grouping in the legislative body in Brussels.

Yet none of that has succeeded in softening Orbán’s views — far from it. As his campaign has ramped up for this week’s crucial E.U. Parliament elections, so has his hardline rhetoric — especially his opposition to migrants coming to Europe. In his annual speech to mark Hungary’s national day on March 15, Orbán said that unless the E.U. halts the flow of migrants to the Continent, “Europe will no longer belong to Europeans.”

Last Monday, 10 days ahead of the E.U. elections, that hard line received a pre-election boost, when President Donald Trump welcomed Orban to the White House. Trump told hi..

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6 Die During Riots in Indonesia Over Election Results

(JAKARTA, Indonesia) — Indonesian President Joko Widodo said authorities have the volatile situation in the country’s capital under control after six people died Wednesday in riots by supporters of his losing rival in last month’s presidential election.

The clashes began Tuesday night when supporters of former Gen. Prabowo Subianto tried to force their way into the downtown offices of the election supervisory agency and have continued unabated since then. More than two dozen vehicles were burned as rioters took over neighborhoods in central Jakarta, throwing rocks and Molotov cocktails at police who responded with tear gas, water cannons and rubber bullets.

Flanked by the military chief and other top leaders, a grim-looking Widodo said, “I will work together with anyone to advance this country, but I will not tolerate anyone who disrupts the security, democratic processes and unity of our beloved nation.”

Subianto, an ultra-nationalist politician, has refused to accept the official ..

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