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Passengers Reckon With U.S. Coast Guard Guidance That Could Leave Virus-Stricken Cruise Ships At Sea ‘Indefinitely’

When Rick and Wendy de Pinho left Buenos Aires on March 7 onboard the Holland America Line cruise ship MS Zaandam, things felt “perfectly normal.” The New Jersey couple were concerned about the spread of coronavirus, they tell TIME, but at the time of their departure there were few confirmed cases in South America and the cruise line had assured them that steps were being taken to protect guests, including enhanced passenger screenings and increased cleaning protocol.

Three weeks later, however, and things are far from normal. Over the past month, COVID-19, the disease caused by novel coronavirus, has spread worldwide and been classified by the World Health Organization as a pandemic.

By March 13, every major cruise line had temporarily suspended its operations, leaving ships mid-voyage, like the Zaandam, scrambling to find ways to get passengers home. Multiple South American countries have since rejected the Zaandam‘s request to dock and allow passengers to disembark.

On Sunday, Ma..

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A Drug Developed to Fight Ebola Could Hold Hope for Coronavirus Treatment

Last year, when I visited the town of Beni, in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC), people did not shake hands. Bottles of disinfectant and buckets of chlorinated water were at the entrance of every business. Misinformation spread across social networks and on news-sites, and treatment centers in the northeastern province of North Kivu were being attacked by armed militias.

At the time, Beni was one of the centers of a devastating Ebola outbreak, the second most deadly in world history. According to the World Health Organization, almost 3,500 people were sickened by the virus, and more than 2,000 died, a case fatality rate of 66%. “It’s a really difficult situation,” Sister Xeverine, a Catholic nun who ran a UNICEF-supported creche for children whose parents had been diagnosed with the disease, told me when I saw her in Beni. “Medical workers need to convince the community that they need to be treated.” She continued, “on the other side, there are people who always influence pe..

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United Nations COP26 Climate Summit Canceled Due to Pandemic

(LONDON) — The United Nations’ international climate summit is being postponed because of the coronavirus pandemic.

The British government says the meeting, due to take place in Glasgow in November, will now be held in 2021. The date has yet to be decided.

The government said in a statement that “in light of the ongoing, worldwide effects of COVID-19, holding an ambitious, inclusive COP26 in November 2020 is no longer possible.”

Glasgow’s SEC Arena, which had been due to hold the event, has been named as the site of a temporary hospital for COVID-19 patients.

Britain’s tenure at the helm of the summit, known as the 26th Conference of the Parties or COP26, got off to a rocky start even before the COVID-19 pandemic. In January Prime Minister Boris Johnson fired Claire O’Neill, a former British government minister appointed last year to head up the event and replaced her with Business Secretary Alok Sharma.

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Trump Administration to Deploy Anti-Drug Navy Ships Near Venezuela

MIAMI — President Donald Trump announced Wednesday that Navy ships are being moved toward Venezuela as his administration beefs up counter-narcotics operations in the Caribbean following a U.S. drug indictment against Nicolás Maduro.

The president’s announcement was a break from the daily White House press briefing to discuss the coronavirus pandemic, which has left much of the country in lock-down and which the government warns could cause 100,000 to 240,000 deaths.

“The Venezuelan people continue to suffer tremendously due to Maduro and his criminal control over the country, and drug traffickers are seizing on this lawlessness,” Defense Secretary Mark Esper said after the president’s announcement.

The mission involves sending additional Navy warships, surveillance aircraft and special forces teams to nearly double the U.S. counter-narcotics capacity in the Western Hemisphere, with forces operating both in the Caribbean and eastern Pacific. Esper said the mission would be supported..

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Global Air Pollution Has Fallen Due to the Coronavirus Outbreak, but Experts Warn It Isn’t a Silver Lining

Around the world an unexpected impact of the economic shuttering due to the coronavirus outbreak is striking blue skies and clear water in places, from Venice to Beijing, Los Angeles to Bangalore, where only weeks ago pollution dominated.

COVID-19 has driven the global economy to a near-halt as the pandemic sweeps the globe. With factories shuttered and cars parked in garages, air pollution has dissipated in cities. The Chinese capital Beijing, known for the lung-choking levels of toxic pollution that shroud the city, has had the unusual sight of clear skies as factories in the region have shut down production. Given China’s huge problems with air pollution, which causes an estimated 1 million premature deaths a year, the reduction has offered unexpected relief.

But environmental science and policy experts warn not to call this a silver lining; any sustainable reduction in emissions and pollution will need to happen in a way that doesn’t totally splinter society. And, moreover, they ..

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‘Public Message: Utter Confusion.’ U.K. Prime Minister Boris Johnson Under Fire for Low Number of COVID-19 Tests

(LONDON) — When Prime Minister Boris Johnson developed a cough and fever, he got a test for the new coronavirus. Most other Britons won’t be offered one.

Johnson’s Conservative government was under fire Wednesday for failing to keep its promise to increase the amount of testing being done for COVID-19, even as the country saw its biggest rise yet in deaths among people with the virus, to 2,352.

The issue has become an incipient political crisis for Johnson, who has mild symptoms and is working from isolation in the prime minister’s Downing Street apartment.

Richard Horton, editor of medical journal The Lancet, said Britain’s handling of the COVID-19 crisis was “the most serious science policy failure in a generation.”

In a tweet, he noted that England’s deputy chief medical officer said last week that “’there comes a point in a pandemic where that (testing) is not an appropriate intervention.”

“Now (testing is) a priority,” Horton said. “Public message: utter confusion.”

Like som..

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Wimbledon Canceled for First Time Since World War II Due to Coronavirus Pandemic

Wimbledon was canceled on Wednesday because of the coronavirus pandemic, the first time since World War II that the oldest Grand Slam tennis tournament won’t be played.

The All England Club announced after an emergency meeting that the event it refers to simply as The Championships is being scrapped for 2020.

Wimbledon was scheduled to be played on the club’s grass courts on the outskirts of London from June 29 to July 12.

Instead, the next edition of the tournament will be June 28 to July 11, 2021.

The tournament was first held in 1877 and has been contested every year since, with the exception of two stretches: from 1915-18 because of World War I, and from 1940-45 because of World War II.

It now joins the growing list of sports events scrapped completely in 2020 because of the COVID-19 outbreak.

That includes the Tokyo Olympics — which have been pushed back 12 months —( and the NCAA men’s and women’s college basketball tournaments.

Wimbledon is the first major tennis champions..

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Facebook and Instagram Delete Posts From Brazilian President Bolsonaro After He Dismissed Social Distancing

(SAO PAULO) — Major social media companies are taking aim at Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro’s dismissal of social distancing, joining others in the country who have lined up against his controversial stance regarding the new coronavirus.

Facebook and Instagram removed posts by the far-right leader Monday night that showed Bolsonaro walking around outside capital Brasilia on Sunday and mingling with groups. It was yet another affront to World Health Organization recommendations to self-isolate as a means to contain the pandemic. The companies’ move came one day after Twitter also removed some Bolsonaro posts.

Facebook, which owns Instagram, said in a statement that it removes content “that violates our community standards, which do not allow disinformation that might cause real damage to people.”

Twitter justified its decision by saying in a statement that its rules prohibit content that runs “against public health information given by official sources and can put people at great..

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Japan Is Relying on Public Obedience to Clear Streets as Coronavirus Cases Rise

Japan’s coronavirus numbers have been ticking up, sparking alarm that it could be the next major country to see an explosive jump in infections. It’s also raising questions about whether Tokyo, where cases have tripled over the past 10 days, is about to go into a European-style lockdown — speculation the government is trying to squash. Even if Prime Minister Shinzo Abe declares an emergency, due to civil liberties enshrined in Japan’s postwar constitution the government cannot send police to clear people off the streets, as has happened in places including France, Italy and the U.K. The country’s strongest enforcement measure could be public obedience — and that may be enough.

1. Is Japan about to declare an emergency?
Japan’s ruling party politicians say: “No.” As of Wednesday, Japan had the fewest confirmed infections among Group of Seven leading economies at about 2,000 –compared to about 188,000 in the U.S. — despite being one of the first countries outside of original epicenter C..

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Rights Group Calls for Moratorium on Internet Shutdowns Amid Coronavirus Outbreak

Internet shutdowns could be jeopardizing lives as the coronavirus pandemic wrecks havoc across the world, Human Rights Watch warns.

Governments currently imposing blackouts amid the crisis should immediately lift restrictions so that people can have access to crucial health information, the New York-based rights groups said in a statement Tuesday.

Human Rights Watch listed India, Myanmar, Bangladesh and Ethiopia as countries where government-imposed internet blackouts are limiting the flow of information on health measures, movement restrictions and other critical guidance.

“During this global health crisis, shutdowns directly harm people’s health and lives, and undermine efforts to bring the pandemic under control,” says Deborah Brown, a senior digital rights researcher and advocate at Human Rights Watch.

“Governments should ensure immediate access to the fastest and broadest possible service for all, Brown says, adding that it is “time to impose a moratorium on internet shutdowns..

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French Government to House Domestic Abuse Victims in Hotels as Cases Rise During Coronavirus Lockdown

Th French government announced on Monday it would put victims of domestic violence in hotel rooms and finance pop-up counselling centres in grocery stores, amid a surge of reported domestic violence cases since the lockdown began on March 17.

Around the world, there has been concern that there is a rise in the number of domestic violence cases as governments have placed their citizens under lockdown to avoid the spread of Covid-19, which has infected at least 803,313 and killed 38,743 people.

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Since France imposed strict measures prohibiting citizens from leaving their homes except to buy food or medication, to see a doctor, or to get exercise, France has witnessed a 36% increase in the number of reported domestic violence cases to the police in Paris and a 32% rise throughout the rest of France. Two women have been killed since the lockdown began, in a country with higher rates of deaths by domestic violence com..

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Wuhan’s Favorite Noodles Return in Tasty Sign Coronavirus-Crippled City Is Inching Back to Normal

(WUHAN, China) — The reappearance of Wuhan’s favorite breakfast noodles is a tasty sign that life is slowly getting back to normal in the Chinese city at the epicenter of the global cornavirus outbreak.

Zhou Guoqiong still isn’t allowed to serve customers inside her shop as part of social distancing rules that are some of the strictest in the world.

But the steady stream of customers who leave with bags of “reganmian,” or “hot dry noodles,” smothered in peanut sauce, testifies to a powerful desire to enjoy the familiar again after months of lockdown since the virus was first detected in December. The favorite snack, usually sold from carts or in small restaurants, is as much a trademark of Wuhan as deep-dish pizza is for Chicago or spaghetti is for Rome.

“I’m happy as long as there is business,” Zhou said. Five days since they reopened, she and her husband now sell several hundred bags of noodles every day, less than before the outbreak but more than enough to keep them busy.


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