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Countries Are Falling Far Short on Action to Tackle Climate Change as Fossil Fuel Use Increases, Says Energy Report

Countries’ plans to tackle climate change fall far short of what’s necessary to prevent temperatures from rising to an unsafe level that governments have vowed to prevent, according to a new report from the International Energy Agency (IEA). The use of fossil fuels, in particular is continuing to expand globally, putting the world on a dangerous track for increased emissions.

At the heart of the IEA’s annual outlook is energy demand: a measure of how much energy we use to heat our homes, drive our cars and power our factories and, by extension, a measure of our emissions of climate-change causing pollutants. Global energy demand grew by 2.3% in 2018 last year, the largest since 2010, according to the report. And, under policies currently in place, the use of climate-change causing fossil fuels including coal, oil and natural gas will continue to expand in the coming years at a rate of 1.3% per year through 2040.

“The environmental implications of these patterns of energy use are star..

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Over 300 Killed as Hundreds of Thousands Take Part in Iraqi Protests. What’s Behind the Violent Demonstrations?

Iraqi protesters draped in their country’s flag have been taking part in demonstrations since Oct. 1 that have left at least 319 people dead and at least 8,000 injured according to the U.N.

Many of the protesters wear face masks and helmets in the hope that this will protect them from security forces’ use of live bullets, tear gas, stun grenades and sound bombs to disperse the crowds of mostly young protesters. But many have been injured and hundreds of families are left searching for their injured loved ones in hospitals. Activists and physicians have been killed or kidnapped while giving aid to the demonstrators in Baghdad, Iraq’s capital.

Tens of thousands of demonstrators have marched over the past six weeks and the protests have spread across the country. Dr Renad Mansour, a Middle East and North Africa Research Fellow at London-based think tank Chatham House describes the protests as “one of the largest grassroots political mobilizations.” Many Iraqis are frustrated that they a..

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Germany, France and United Kingdom Condemn North Korean Missile Launches

UNITED NATIONS — Germany, France and Britain on Wednesday strongly condemned the dozen sets of ballistic missile launches by North Korea since May and urged Pyongyang to engage in “meaningful negotiations” with the United States on its nuclear and missile programs.

The three European countries said the tests, “including what appears to be a medium-range missile launched from underwater,” undermine regional security and violate unanimously adopted Security Council resolutions.

They issued a joint statement after Germany’s U.N. ambassador, Christoph Heusgen, briefed the council behind closed doors on implementation of sanctions against North Korea.

The three countries urged North Korea to take “concrete steps” in new talks with the U.S. “with a view to abandoning all weapons of mass destruction and ballistic missile programs in a complete, verifiable and irreversible manner.”

North Korea has ramped up its missile tests in recent months, and experts say the launches are likely to cont..

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Podle veterinářů byly do Česka od září dovezeny 3 tuny masa se salmonelou. Situace se prý zlepšila

Veterináři zachytili od začátku září tři nové případy dovozů drůbežího masa se salmonelou z Polska. Celkem to byly zhruba tři tuny zboží, sdělil mluvčí Státní veterinární správy (SVS) Petr Vorlíček. Situace se podle něj zlepšila, v srpnu šlo o 1,9 tuny, na jaře pak byla hmotnost zásilek s pozitivními testy na bakterie salmonely řádově v desítkách tun. Ze tří zásilek se snědlo 700 kilogramů masa, zbytek byl zpracován nebo zadržen ve skladu.Další články k tématu:Za měsíc se do Česka dostalo 21 tun drůbežího z Polska se salmonelouNemocnice ve Zlíně musí zaplatit pokutu 310 000 korun. Na jaře se desítky lidí nakazily salmonelózouDo Česka se za poslední měsíc dostalo 16 tun polského masa se salmonelou. Zřejmě se všechno snědloV Česku je více než půl tuny masa ze šarže se salmonelou. Jde o další dvě zásilky kuřecího z PolskaVeterináři zajistili téměř 5000 neoznačených vajec v autě s polskou značkou

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Ohne Verpixelung, mit Adresse

Vergangene Woche wurde ein Dreijähriger in Detmold erstochen, seine 15-jährige Halbschwester hat die Tat inzwischen gestanden. Die „Bild“-Medien berichten seitdem ausführlich über den Fall — und zeigen dabei ständig ein unverpixeltes Foto des getöteten Jungen. Sogar auf der Titelseite der Printausgabe vom vergangenen Freitag:

(Unkenntlichmachung durch uns.)

Auch in diversen Bild.de-Artikeln veröffentlichte die Redaktion das Foto ohne Unkenntlichmachung — alles für Klicks und Auflage, keine Spur von Rücksicht auf das Opfer und dessen Angehörige. Am Samstag zitierte „Bild“ eine Freundin der Mutter des Opfers: Die Mutter befinde sich derzeit in einer psychiatrischen Klinik. Auch das scheint für das Blatt kein Grund zur Zurückhaltung zu sein.

„Bild“ dürfte damit klar gegen den Pressekodex des Deutschen Presserates verstoßen. Kinder und Jugendliche sollen gerade in solchen Fällen geschützt werden, heißt es in Richtlinie 8.3:

Insbesondere in der Berichterstattung über Straftaten und Ungl..

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